Super Kit™

Unlocking the secrets to manage a production floor more effectively and uniformly!

Understanding the tasks of what exactly a manager must accomplish in a Fab can be a real challenge. It requires many skills including the talent to manage time and to organize efficiently and effectively. Sometimes though, when seeking advice on how to manage a Fab properly can be hard to find, especially those with much experience. However, MAX has the perfect solution. MAX’s team of experts provides the management team with a “kit” of a step-by-step process of what they need to do also known as the SuperKit™.

What is SuperKit™?

SuperKit™ is a suite of world-class tools, reports and procedures designed to improve the methods of running production shifts in a semiconductor Fab. With most SuperKitsTM, we focus on three items, but are not limited to them: increasing Fab throughput, improving Fab yield and reducing overall cycle time. Procedures used to achieve the above objectives include morning and production meetings (agenda and preparation), shift pass down and round kick off, equipment and safety escalation process and standardizing break policies.

Getting Organized

Organization is key to running any company to its maximum potential. MAX provides your management team with a detailed schedule (or shift agenda). It enables each member of the team to know and understand what they need to do, where they need to be and when it needs to be done. Not only is everyone on the same page, but it ensures a quicker turnaround time for you and your customers.

Was it reported?

The shift manager or you should not have to guess what happened during each shift. Having employees fill out paperwork can be time consuming, but it can also save your business in more than one way. That is why we include certain reports that need to be filled out during every shift. We believe this is crucial for operating any Fab to its maximum capacity. Reports allow each shift manager to know what happened in the shift before and after his. This way every member of the team can know what is going on with each shift. These reports include shift pass down, tool and area performance, WIP Management, area rounds and a challenge checklist.

By MAX providing this “kit” to your management team, it allows better organization and structure to the entire company. Which in return, will not only make you happy, but will make your customers happy too.