Our Capabilities

Leading companies demand cutting edge solutions, MAX delivers. If your company has the technological vision to become an industry leader, we can bring the operational know-how to help you become one. A true leader embraces change. Each of our services is geared specifically at creating a competitive edge for your organization. Are you ready to be bold, create and innovate?

Operational Solutions
MAX will transform your factory floor performance deploying a unique set of solutions fitted to the semiconductors environment. Our proprietary Overall Resource Effectiveness method developed over years of working side-by-side with our clientele is proven, tested and guaranteed to yield the MAXimum results faster.

300mm Operation and Integration
Today's 300mm fabs are the most complex fabs we ever had. Designing, starting, and ramping a 300mm fab is a task that most organizations will face for the first time. In this make or break process, learning from someone else's experience, namely ours, will be the right way to go.

Overall Resource Effectiveness™
The only philosophy that looks at operations and captures the level equipment, operator, technician, floor management, and support system effectiveness. ORE is an all-inclusive metric that will allow your organization to achieve improvements by order of magnitude.

Fab Transition Management
MAX is the only consulting firm in the world actually awarded the overall responsibility of managing semiconductors manufacturing sites for our clients. In recent years and in light of the consolidation movement in our industry, our clients increasingly find themselves under site divestiture conditions. This transition period is sensitive and quite often beyond the capabilities of local site management. Our trained senior staff will assume overall site and Fab management responsibility temporarily assuring a smooth transition phase during an M&A process or a rapid ramp mode.

Factory Design 2 MAX™
From Resource Modeling to factory design and build, MAX has the tools to help you succeed. The process of factory design and build is one of the most important decision-making processes a company will encounter in its life cycle. A working factory is more than a building, a tool set, systems, and people; it's the sum of all of the above working in sync.

Expansion Design & Management
Unlike a Greenfield design & build management where everything is subject to change, our clients are facing significant challenges when expanding capacity in operational Fabs. Maintaining production levels, yields, and cycle times while expanding the Fab capacity is essential for success. MAX provides its expertise in executing Fab expansion projects while minimizing the impact to Fab performance.

Management Consulting
Our management philosophy is based on years of hands-on industrial experience. We base our recommendations on our intimate knowledge of all the organization levels, from the C.E.O. to the engineering managers to tool operators. We will not only show you the opportunities but will take you through the actual implementation.

Information Technology
Organization, environment, and operational needs should be understood and mapped for a successful IT solution. Only thorough the understanding of your corporation can this solution be found.

Project Management
Even for the most seasoned managers, obtaining a comprehensive and accurate project management perspective of a complex project schedule is extremely difficult. Project managers, senior schedulers, need a better way to understand the key aspects of a schedule without drilling down into the thousands of details inside the "black box." MAX provides detailed approach, methods and tools to drill down a project plan, to find the essential elements and flag potential risks of any complex project.