ORE™ Results

Once the data is collected and frequencies are analyzed, the results provide you with a snap shot of how the sampled resources behave.

Typically, the average bottleneck tool's ORE™ level is at 75% to 85% in Silicon fabs, 60% to 70% in GaAs.

A successful ORE implementation phase can push Bottleneck tools to over 90%.

The difference between the percentage you find and 80% (to be conservative) is the improvement you can achieve.

For example, going from 50% ORE to 90% on the bottleneck resource can double your capacity or cut cycle time by half without adding any major capital equipment.

Typical Bottleneck tool

Shift Comparison

As can be seen in the chart, the same tool behaves differently on different shifts due to different operation methods, different technology, and operator coverage.

In most cases the lack in efficiency in tool operation reflects also on the human resource management.

Typical Human Resource on Bottleneck Area

As can be seen from the chart, the performance of human resource needs to be examined. Typical actual floor coverage.