Performing the ORE™ Study

MAX's operational consultants' team will map all entities to be sampled capturing all states. The data will be entered in the Sampleton™ database. Our team typically performs a complete ORE™ study in around 5 weeks.

  • First two weeks spent on preparations:
    • Interviews
    • Activities mapping
    • Multi Facet BN identification
  • Third week is a 24X7 sampling process
  • Last two weeks are spent on analysis and improvement road map preparation


  • Defining the most important resources to measure, looking for the constraint resources.
  • Preparing a clear definition of all the activities (states) performed by these resources and how to differentiate between those states.
  • Communicating the purpose of the study to the floor.
  • The activity list is entered into the database and the actual study starts.
  • The Sampleton™ database was developed by the MAX Group specifically for ORE™ studies in our industry.

The time study is a process in which a sampler visits resources on a repetitive basis every given time (10 to 15 minutes typically) and notes the state this resource is in.