Advanced Resources Modeling

1. Machine Modeling

MAX has developed a sophisticated set of tools to accurately model tool throughput and capabilities. Our models allow the user to easily play what-if scenarios and obtain quick answers on several fronts.

  1. Capacity: Obtain accurate throughput data based on process parameters and product mix.
  2. Tool Configuration: Find the optimum tool configuration to match your process requirements
  3. Tool Dedication: Develop dedication schemes that maximize your throughput and minimize
    your cost.

For complex problems our engineers use advanced simulation packages and statistical analysis to internal constraints and generate action plans to improve throughput.

2. Capacity Modeling

Building upon the Machine models our fab wide capacity model can accurately calculate the overall fab capacity and quickly pin point constraint areas. Our model can easily escalate in complexity to accommodate the available information and the needs of the customer.

3. Staffing Modeling

Using our vast experience in the semiconductor field, we have developed a comprehensive staffing model that covers production, maintenance and engineering personnel. The staffing model can be linked to the capacity model to automatically update your staffing requirements.

4. Cost Modeling

Using a dual approach, top to bottom and bottom-up, we can predict cost over time and find pain areas to tackle with action plans.