MAX Black Ops™

What is MAX Black Ops™?

MAX Black Ops™ is our own Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Certification Process

Program Goals:

To certify ALL MAX Employees in both Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma.

All MAX Project Managers need to be certified as "Black Belts", and all MAX Management from VP level and above must achieve "Master Black Belt" certification

The MAX Program Edge:

We took the generic Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma certification programs and put them on steroids.

We weeded out the benign generic materials and instead added industry specific assignments that are based on real and current MAX Projects. Our program doesn't let you improve a "Widget Line" but challenges the participants, with real Semiconductors, LED, Solar, and Aerospace / Automotive problems.

Our participants are required to submit work based on their own projects, and are tested on industry related topics. When someone gets certified as a MAX black ops expert, you know he is truly a "master of his domain". And if your company is a player in our industry, this is the sort of expert you want working on your side.