Introduction to ORE™

"ORE™" is an enhancement to the time honored "Overall Equipment Effectiveness" (OEE) developed back in the 80's by Saiji Nakajima. After numerous implementations of the "OEE" philosophy in semiconductors, aerospace, and biotech manufacturing environments, it became clear that it is not equipment alone that contributes to operational losses, but other resources and systems are at play.

To transform the philosophy into a truly all-inclusive tool we must measure the human resource, planning, and support systems as part of the equation. To truly understand ORE, an organization must go through the process of performing an ORE™ Study, analyzing the results and implementing improvements. Going through the process of sampling, analyzing, and creating an improvement road map will pay for the effort with knowledge gained.

Understanding the constraint resources, their behavior, and interrelations will give us the power to improve them. Improving the constraint tools in a typical factory will allow you to double capacity and reduce cycle time significantly.