The change from local to global economics has affected us all. We are facing opportunities and challenges from business partners and competitors around the world. In the new economy, many rules have changed, but one has remained the same. You have to be the best to come in first.

Generic business sense will take you so far. To be a leader in your field you need to know more than your competitors, you cannot get that from a company that employs newly graduated MBA's. To excel you need to have a partner that has the specific industry experience to help you succeed!

Of course, the current managerial philosophies like six sigma or 6S are generic enough to fit any industry but their implementation by amateurs to your industry can never be as complete as an expert will do. Therefore, we at MAX focus on these industries and these industries alone.

Your corporation must lead in technology, business, marketing, and operations. We at MAX have teamed up with companies of great technologies and helped them get the leading edge in all aspects of their organization.

Maintaining a competitive edge in a natural market evolution is not enough, you need a revolution. And revolutions are seldom achieved internally. Most often it needs a fresh perspective. MAX can give you a fresh perspective powered by our experience in your industry and insights from other industries.