ORE™ Implementation

The first step in preparing for implementation is the improvement road map. Our team will prioritize the list of possible improvements and create a project schedule. An ROI analysis is performed on the list to pick the low hanging fruits.

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Putting the improvement process on a time, give us a way to determine the number of resources we need for the implementation, and the duration and cost of the implementation process.

Key Issues in Implementation
Our experience shows that the best way to get results is by initiating an inter-disciplinary team for each of the functional areas. The team should be involved in all stages and include representatives from operation, maintenance, process engineering, and facilities.

A member of the MAX team will serve as facilitator for the team to make sure it stays on track.

Expected Results
The successful implementation of an ORE™ program in a manufacturing environment can typically increase capacity by 30% and more. The more complex your environment, the more gains ORE™ can provide.

Today and tomorrow's market operational excellence is a competitive edge. To get changes in order of magnitudes, a very detailed analysis is needed. ORE™ gives you exactly that. The added resource utilization created by an ORE™ implementation will allow you to improve throughput, cycle time, or both.