Expansion Design & Management

The process of expanding an existing facility, although following the same steps as a green-field design, is much more complex. In addition to the inherent challenges any design and construction project entails, the expansion is done in a living manufacturing facility. To minimize interference, it is very important to plan ahead and create an expansion process as follows:

  1. Create some free space. (Either by physical expansion or tool relocation)
  2. Converge the functional areas to solid blocks.
  3. Expand within the areas, but keep their integrity.
  4. Enhance product flow and work methods setup

The design process must accommodate for the space creating stage and a disturbance free ramp up. Our experience taught us that compromising and breaking the functional areas and placing single tools outside them will cause very low utilization of those tools.

The expansion project management process should also include a very detailed interaction with production control. This will create WIP in the right stages and allow for tool relocation without stopping the line. MAX's teams have performed expansions in numerous facilities and will be able to create a smooth expansion for your facility.