Operational Evaluation

To help you determine the level of improvement you can expect out of your organization, we developed the operational evaluation technique. The evaluation is a four to six week process depending on its size and scope. Using a parametric template we will compare your facility performance level by looking at:

  1. Technology data review - technical parameters
    1. Typical products and applications
    2. Technology road map by product family
    3. Key process features by major product family
  2. Fab performance
    1. KPI review - yield/quality, CT, Capacity, cost performance, OTD/OSD, personnel productivity
    2. MAX competitive benchmark for each KPI
    3. Major tool set performance review and benchmark
    4. Fab organizational structure review
    5. Fab Head count by group review and benchmark
    6. Fab head count experience review by group
    7. MES systems and logistics control review
    8. Fab cost structure review and benchmark
  3. Facilities data review
    1. Fab space, layout and size
    2. Clean room review
    3. Facilities services and main
    4. Electrical, mechanical, utilities systems capacities
  4. Opportunities for improvements
    1. Cost
    2. CT
    3. Yield
    4. Throughput

The outcome of the evaluation is an improvement road map that guides you toward becoming a leader and achieving operational excellence.

Real Client example for an improvement road map that materialized into tangible results.