Detailed Layout Design

Building on the conceptual design, MAX will pinpoint each tool's location. Using a predetermined footprint template for each tool we can set the final location and the support infrastructure that it needs.

When the tools are set we then create a workstation design for each tool allowing for standardization of operator methods and stages WIP for any tool.

The factory type automation and material handling guidelines are then translated into working systems.

Since you cannot install and qual a full-blown fab all at once, we create several layout phases to correspond to the ramp stages.

A typical new fab running a new technology will go through these stages:

  1. Early Tool set (Capability)
    1. Tool Qual
    2. Process Qual
    3. Short Loop
    4. Full Loop
  2. Redundancy tool set
  3. Ramp Steps (changing by tool set "sweet spots")
    1. 500 WSPW
    2. 1000 WSPW
    3. 1600 WSPW
    4. 2000 WSPW

MAX's experience with new facility end expansion management allows for the organizational learning curve and creates a smooth ramp up.