Defining ORE™

Overall Resource Effectiveness is the level of effectiveness in which we use all our resources, equipment, operators, technicians, floor management, and support systems.

The ORE is broken into three major categories:

  • EE™ (Equipment Effectiveness)
    • The percentage of time that a piece of equipment is manufacturing sellable goods.
    • The components of this formula are tools states and yield.
  • HRE™ (Human Resource Effectiveness)
    • The percentage of time that an individual (operator, technician, support engineer) is performing value-added activities.
  • IE™ (Infrastructure Effectiveness)
    • Unlike EE and HRE the infrastructure effectiveness is not measured on the floor nor can it be quantified in percentage.
    • To assess the strength of the infrastructure, one needs to understand all the players and systems involved in manufacturing.
    • The implementation level of a Manufacturing Execution System, detailed capacity and resource allocation models is examined.
    • Note: to really understand the infrastructure one must first go through the EE and HRE stages.