Cycle Time Reduction

Faster, Smarter, Better!

MAX teams have proven experience in cycle time reduction. Achieving and sustaining two and a half times factor and 2 days per mask layer. We base our recommendations on our intimate knowledge of all the organization levels, from the C.E.O. to the engineering manager to the tool operator. We will not only show you the opportunities but will take you through the actual implementation.

Creating an Action Plan

Set the Wheels in Motion. Get buy in for the action plan and create focus teams. Each team should be charged on a specific functional area. For example, Litho Etch, etc. Each team should handle 4 to 5 topics at any given time. Publish to the floor - remember the end user should know beforehand on any changes that may occur. Assign shift, area, and tool specific goals. Create a monitoring system.

Tracking for Success
A visual sign is better - create visual signs to show tool and lot status. Create an on line system that shows each operator its shifty goals and a goal vs. actual comparison. Track and publish a list of problematic steps and tools and show their daily status.

What can I expect?
Typically going from 4X to 2X times is a six month effort.

  • The first month is mostly infrastructure, no actual progress seen in CT.
  • Second to fourth month is when most of the reduction is achieved (40 days to 25).
  • Last two months usually have slower progress.