Fab Transition Management

Having to go through a major change in your company because of a merger, acquisition or simply in a shift in management can be an impossible task. However, these changes can an easier transition if done by the right people, using the right tools. MAX can provide these people and those tools for you by inserting experienced interim management functions to work with your team. Not will your both team start working together, but we promise to lead these turnaround activities until your desired outcome is achieved and the right permanent management staff is recruited, and trained.

We had the good fortune to provide for our clients functions from C level, through site and fab GM, to operations and planning functions on both the site and company wide levels. Our customers know what for us "business is personal" and when we engage in a management project we will not accept failure!

When are MAX's services needed?

When a company believes they have done all they can and still do not achieve the wanted change, or need to achieve change faster, then MAX needs to be called in. At times, it is tough to see what the underlying problems are, having a detached experience manager can make all the difference.

Without a great management team, a company can be brought down due to lack of managerial skills. MAX can provide your company with the knowledge and lead your team to the success levels needed to complete orders in the Fab and bring up their morale.

We are also needed for the following reasons:

  • Quick ramp
  • Sharp slowdown
  • Disruptive technology introduction
  • Fab and Company wide projects implementation
  • Poor cooperation of Fab departments
  • Lack of Human Resources

What can MAX provide?

We will providing you with an excellent management team that will bring immediate results. You might think its impossible, but often a qualified change agent, an outsider with no political agenda, can bring the needed momentum to your management team and empower your employees.

With our managerial experience on your team, we can achieve the following:

  • Fast Organization SWAT analysis
  • Identify operational, cultural, and technology detractors
  • Initiate and manage 'crisis' mode to achieve results while empowering employees
  • Implement efficient short term solutions as containment, without locking the organization in half baked solutions
  • Build the basis for solid long term operation mode
  • Recommend future actions to prevent the next crisis