Business Processes & Information Technology

It is important to keep in mind that once the building is ready and all the tools are hooked up, the facility still might not qualify as a "best of breed" fab. A whole range of business transactions still need to be defined and it is necessary to map out all these business processes ahead of time and create standard operating procedures (SOP) to cover them.

All the defined business processes should be geared towards creating operational improvements, typical major processes that when defined will create a best of breed facility:

  1. Shift management
  2. Maintenance practices
  3. Tool and recipe SOP
  4. WIP Management

Once all the business processes are defined, the right systems must be put in place to support them. Many organizations do not follow an exact process when selecting a system. Identifying all the relevant systems needed, analyzing them and then looking for vendors who can fulfill most of those needs are important, all too often forgotten, steps. Although it is best to stick to off-the-shelf systems, in many cases these are not available. The essential information systems to be found in a best of breed facility are:

  1. Manufacturing Execution System
  2. Computerized Maintenance Management System
  3. Enterprise Resource Planning
  4. Facilities Control System
  5. Visual Management - clean room personnel and management updates.