2012 News

Sunpower Selects MAX
October 5th 2012 - San Jose, CA USA

MAX Group engages with Sunpower Corporation, a global provider of solar panel solutions, in the improvement of manufacturing effectiveness at its Batangas Philippines solar factory.
MAX will support Sunpower in increasing overall manufacturing effectiveness in its Fab using the MAX proprietary Overall Resource Effectiveness™ (ORE™) methodology covering all manufacturing aspects of labor, process, equipment effectiveness and manufacturing execution systems.

International Rectifier chooses MAX
September 10th 2012 - Newport, Wales UK

The MAX Group partnered with International Rectifier, a global power management leader, in increasing of manufacturing capacity while reducing Fab cycle time at its Wales UK 200mm Wafer Fab
MAX will deploy a team on site to significantly improve operational practices, equipment effectiveness and inventory control, and significantly reduce cycle times within twelve months.

Fairchild Semiconductor chooses MAX
June 15th 2012 - Bucheon, Korea

Fairchild Semiconductor, a global provider of semiconductor devices, engages MAX to study and providing a work plan to reduce manufacturing cost at its Buchon Korea 150mm Wafer Fab.
MAX will deliver detailed solutions to reduce overall manufacturing cost covering top cost areas such as Labor, Materials, Yield, Equipment effectiveness and Utilities within two months.

CEITEC commissions MAX to support fab start up and ramp
May lst 2012 - Porto Alegre, Brazil

CEITEC the Brazilian government technology development authority selected MAX Group to provide start up and ramp support to its new fab.
The CEITEC fab is the only semiconductors manufacturing fab in the south and central America. The Brazilian government is committed to increase manufacturing technology in Brazil.
The selection was an open bid process in line with the Brazilian regulations and the selection was based on proven qualifications, MAX was the winner among a very respectable list of international companies competing for this project.
MAX's team will support the new fab and organization by providing Engineering, Maintenance, and Operation skills, and adopting key positions to assure CEITEC's success'.

ON Semiconductor chooses MAX
February 15th 2012 - Phoenix, AZ USA

The MAX Group is proud to support ON Semiconductor, a premier supplier of high performance silicon solutions for energy efficient electronics, in the assessment of manufacturing cycle time at its European, American and Asian Wafer Fabs.
MAX will study ON’s Fabs worldwide and deliver detailed plan of how to improve overall manufacturing cycle times within three months. This effort proves once again that MAX is the authority on manufacturing methods and systems in the semiconductors industry.